Operation Inspection and Real-time Monitoring

Multiple municipalities seek urban oil and gas well inspection and monitoring services.

Modern Geosciences is often engaged by municipalities to augment staff efforts concerning the inspection and monitoring of oil and gas wells within urban areas. This includes the use of near-equipment monitoring to find small leaks before significant issues arise as well as customized open path monitoring (OPM) that allows real-time sampling and long-term monitoring options. Our OPM tools allow definitive quantification and identification of individual chemicals of concern. Example efforts have included in-depth pad site inspection of separators, tank batteries, dehydration units, compressors, wells and downwind monitoring that allows identification of larger plumes that would normally go undetected with conventional point sampling techniques or FLIR camera usage. Example projects have included monitoring during drilling, hydraulic fracturing, flowback, and production. Monitored concerns have included radiation, suspended particulates, volatile organic compounds, reduced sulfur compounds, carbonyl species, methane, and hydrogen sulfide.


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