Brownfield Redevelopment

Make problematic properties viable again with creative brownfield redevelopment solutions.

Before the first use of the term “brownfield” in the early 1990s, redevelopers have long avoided these properties because of both real and perceived environmental issues that introduce risks into their projects. As a partner with our redevelopment clients, Modern Geosciences continues to deliver creative solutions that allow these once blighted properties to be put back into use for the community.

Featured Brownfield Redevelopment Services

  • Vapor Intrusion (VI) Inspection and Mitigation

    Modern Geosciences provides expert vapor intrusion (VI) inspection and mitigation services designed to confirm, identify and locate the source of potential contamination and to mitigate the health risks posed to associated indoor environments. […]

  • Tank Removal and Closure

    Modern Geosciences is experienced at producing the regulatory confirmation documentation required to obtain underground and above ground storage tank removal and closure. […]

  • Statistical Site Evaluations

    Modern Geosciences’ statistical site evaluations process employs a variety of modeling and risk calculation methods to determine appropriate cleanup values for varying site situations. […]

  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation

    The Modern Geosciences team is experienced in the development of customized soil and groundwater remediation plans, implementation strategies and ongoing compliance solution programs for recalcitrant pollutants found in soil and groundwater. […]

  • Site Reuse Design

    Modern Geosciences is experienced in site reuse design in an effort to bring sites where environmental concerns are present back into productive use through processes protective of both human health and the environment. […]

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