We understand the unique environmental challenges faced by the transportation industry.

The transportation industry is a fast-paced and multi-disciplined sector that requires knowledgeable partners to ensure concerns are identified early and any solution has long-term goals in mind. Modern Geosciences has worked with our clients to address a wide range of concerns from historic fuel releases, worker health and safety, large scale solvent releases, NEPA and FAA reviews, and regulatory closure on a variety of municipal regional transportation projects. Whether it is a hundred mile corridor evaluation, four-stop road expansion, or simply an airport tenant with poor fuel handling practices, we can help.

Featured Transportation Services

  • Tank Removal and Closure

    Modern Geosciences is experienced at producing the regulatory confirmation documentation required to obtain underground and above ground storage tank removal and closure. […]

  • Storm Water System Inspections

    As part of our infrastructure management services, Modern Geosciences performs storm water system inspections and ongoing system monitoring on miles of municipal water system components. […]

  • Soil and Groundwater Remediation

    The Modern Geosciences team is experienced in the development of customized soil and groundwater remediation plans, implementation strategies and ongoing compliance solution programs for recalcitrant pollutants found in soil and groundwater. […]

  • Site Reuse Design

    Modern Geosciences is experienced in site reuse design in an effort to bring sites where environmental concerns are present back into productive use through processes protective of both human health and the environment. […]

  • Site Investigation Design and Sampling

    Modern Geosciences’ team of environmental experts develops site investigation design and sampling programs for the collection and laboratory analysis of soil and groundwater samples in an effort to establish a complete understanding of the environmental risks associated with a site. […]