Municipal Setting Designations (MSDs)

Municipal setting designations (MSDs) are an institutional control to prevent the use of shallow groundwater within a targeted footprint. In doing so, several cleanup criteria can be adjusted to better reflect actual site conditions, often making site closure costs more manageable.

Municipal setting designations (MSDs) can lower redevelopment barriers and speed up brownfield redevelopment.

Modern Geoscience has completed dozens of Municipal setting designations (MSDs) in Texas. Our efforts include municipal-directed areas in excess of a 1,000 acres to commercial development on parcels less than an acre. Because each effort will have unique project and political elements, make sure you have a seasoned team to support you.

If you are contemplating an MSD in Texas, make sure you ask Modern to perform an MSD screening to help you gauge the following:

  • Would an MSD address the concern you have on your project?
  • What are the realistic steps and timeline to accomplish an MSD?
  • Are there non-starters based on regional precedents?
  • Could other risk management tools accomplish the same goals for less money and time?
  • Will Vapor Intrusion be a concern for your project or others?
  • What level of public interaction should you anticipate?

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