Phase I ESA

The Phase I ESA standard represents the most common tool for environmental due diligence. However, no two sites are the same. While many firms offer this service, Modern Geosciences has a highly trained staff that is often called on for the most complex and challenging properties where the Phase I ESA is seen as a first step to understanding potential redevelopment issues. Our clients include some of the largest commercial and retail entities in the world who have exacting performance standards.

Compressive Phase I ESA services require a seasoned team that can put the data in context.

Common elements within the Phase I ESA process are:

  • Regulatory records research
  • Owner, Operator and Historical interviews
  • Site and Area reconnaissance
  • Physical setting evaluation
  • Historical use research
  • Non-ASTM services that are customized to client needs
  • Recommendations by an Environmental Professional on RECs or other possible environmental risks

If you want a partner who not only identifies recognized environmental conditions (RECs) but also provides you thoughtful insight into the associated risks, you should consider Modern.  We literally wrote the book on how the Phase I ESA process should be done to truly meet your environmental due diligence needs.

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