Regulatory Compliance Audits

Modern Geosciences provides customized, client-focused regulatory compliance audits to identify and assess potential environmental liabilities and compliance concerns for any given site or organization, including gas stations, oil and gas facilities, industrial manufacturing plants or other commercial or industrial operation that requires permitting by federal, state or municipal governmental agencies.

Eliminate Non-Compliance Penalties and Fines with Regulatory Compliance Audits

Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits provide systematic assessments of site or facility operations, identification of potential liabilities and assessment and mitigation strategy for compliance concerns necessitated by environmental laws, regulations, permits, standards and policies.  Hazardous-material storage, waste disposal, storm water and waste water discharge, and compliance with applicable regulations are reviewed, compliance issues are identified, and recommendations for compliance are provided.

As part of a comprehensive responsible environmental management program, our Regulatory Compliance Audits help clients:

  • minimize liability
  • avoid non-compliance fines and penalties
  • improve operational efficiency
  • monitor and maintain long-term compliance goals

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