Insurance Litigation

Stalled environmental project put back on track using innovative approaches to satisfy insurance carrier and Texas Voluntary Cleanup Program.

Modern Geosciences was engaged to not only chart a new closure approach for a large manufacturing company, but also address concerns from the environmental insurer who had stopped payment on remedial efforts at this central Texas facility. Modern has been able to meet with the New York-based insurer and multiple legal representatives and obtain a suitable financial resolution for all parties concerning both past remedial efforts and planned remedial steps. This resulted in prepayment of remaining remedial fees as part of a settlement agreement. Additionally, Modern was able to engage the City to not only support the requested Municipal Setting Designation (MSD) for the Site, but also expand the MSD to include a large brownfield area where the City was expanding infrastructure improvement. Modern completed all notice and program requirements for the over 1,000 acre MSD and closure within the Texas Voluntary Cleanup Program.


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