Technical Review and Support

Innovative sampling design allows for evaluation of undocumented fill material at construction site.

Modern Geosciences was engaged by a large construction firm to assist with environmental representation and management of excess soil being generated from a North Texas highway expansion. Because prior concerns with metals and VOCs were known, Modern developed a Sampling and Analysis Plan that would utilize past assessment and investigation results within the corridor alignment. All data was processed using geospatial software to allow the development of an informed site model. Following this, sampling was performed to verify if portions of the corridor were impacted above regulatory criteria. Based on the effort, two localized Areas of Concerns (AOCs) were identified and segregated from the remainder of the project. This allowed the other data to represent the soil to the satisfaction of the off-site facility accepting the fill and provided the construction firm with documentation of the material to provide to others. The AOCs were properly characterized and disposed off-site following approval of the receiving landfill. The final project data was used to settle prior litigation concerns.


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