Hospital Cardiac Center Remediation

Environmental concerns mitigated to allow regional hospital construction to proceed.

Modern Geosciences was engaged by a regional healthcare organization to assist with traditional environmental due diligence efforts. Through performance of a Phase I ESA and Phase II site investigation, impact from both a historic gas station and dry cleaner was confirmed in both soil and groundwater. By coordinating the remedial efforts to match planned redevelopment of a new hospital addition and associated retail expansion, the entire area of soil impact (over 50,000 cubic yards) was removed and disposed off-site at a permitted landfill. The excavation was extended to match the planned basement footprint of the new cardiac center. Following confirmation sampling and regulatory reporting, the site was granted closure from the State.

Construction operations were monitored to ensure impact to the nearby hospital was minimized and that construction staff were not exposed to hazardous levels of solvents during removal of historic USTs.


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