Environmental Due Diligence

We wrote the book on environmental due diligence.

Environmental due diligence (EDD) refers to the evaluation of potential environmental concerns typically performed prior to a real estate transaction. This can include Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Phase II Site Investigations, or a wide range of other efforts to allow our clients to fully understand issues connected to a Site. We have experience working with a diverse set of discerning clients. This includes custom formats for some of the largest retailers in the world as well as individualized and site-specific approaches for our municipal clients. We are proud to be their trusted partners as they evaluate short-term cost implications, long-term liability, and innovative regulatory strategies to help them address these redevelopment barriers.

EDD will always be a core expertise for Modern Geosciences as our founding Principal, Kenneth Tramm, PhD, PG, CHMM, is a leading authority and the author of the environmental services industry’s go-to reference and college textbook: Environmental Due Diligence: A Professional Handbook.

Featured Environmental Due Diligence Services

  • Surface Water Assessment

    The Modern Geosciences team of qualified environmental professionals is experienced in providing surface water assessment, planning, engineering, monitoring, analysis and permitting services for numerous state agencies, municipalities, developers and industrial clients. […]

  • Statistical Site Evaluations

    Modern Geosciences’ statistical site evaluations process employs a variety of modeling and risk calculation methods to determine appropriate cleanup values for varying site situations. […]

  • Site Inspections

    Modern Geosciences collects and reviews available information about a known or suspected hazardous waste site or release as part of our preliminary assessment and site inspection (PA/SI) process. […]

  • Regulatory Compliance Audits

    Modern Geosciences provides customized, client-focused regulatory compliance audits to identify and assess potential environmental liabilities and compliance concerns for any given site or organization, including gas stations, oil and gas facilities, industrial manufacturing plants or other commercial or industrial operation […]

  • Regulatory Closure Strategy and Completion

    Modern Geosciences produces innovative Regulatory Closure Strategy and Completion for commercial properties negatively impacted by past uses. […]