Protect workers and minimize waste with advanced environmental planning for construction projects.

The Construction sector is very focused on project completion. Any environmental concerns that can derail a schedule or budget can jeopardize the entire project. Modern has worked on both the front end due diligence to generate management plans for anticipated concerns as well as field monitoring and emergency response support where real-time decisions are required. We understand the unique challenges facing our Construction clients and are proud to be part of their team.

Featured Construction Services

  • Site Inspections

    Modern Geosciences collects and reviews available information about a known or suspected hazardous waste site or release as part of our preliminary assessment and site inspection (PA/SI) process. […]

  • Remedial Planning

    Modern Geoscience provides safe, compliant and affordable environmental remedial planning services to clients in the industrial, commercial, retail and government sectors. […]

  • Process Inspections

    When potential process or operational concerns are warranted, Modern Geosciences in providing thorough and effective Process Inspections that identify key environmental changes, mitigate potential impact and drive strategic remediation solutions. […]

  • Pipeline Inspection and Investigation

    Modern Geosciences provides Pipeline Inspection and Investigation services to assess pipeline integrity and regulatory concerns and mitigate business, property and environmental risk. […]

  • Phase II Site Investigations

    Modern Geosciences has extensive experience designing and implementing on-site Phase II site investigations to confirm, locate and identify recognized environmental conditions (RECs) or concerns. […]