Waste Management

Long-term waste management projects benefit from our cost-effective environmental solutions.

The Waste Management industry is a unique component to America’s economy. Without cost-effective disposal options, our system would grind to a halt. To maintain these options and work towards waste minimization in the future, Modern has helped our clients evaluate and address concerns related to landfill operations. This commonly includes groundwater, soilgas, air, and waste classification efforts customized to both the facility and regulatory concerns.

Featured Waste Management Services

  • Impacted Soil and Groundwater Management

    Without proper planning you can often find yourself inadvertently exposing construction staff to situations they are not trained for or worse, spreading contamination to other properties where you now become an additional responsible party. Working with properties requiring impacted soil and groundwater management requires thinking beyond the closure process to ensure long term liability is minimized. […]

  • Expedited Lead Assessment

    Lead is a common contaminant found in everything from paint to large-scale soil impacts resulting from historic smelter operations that can affect hundreds of acres. […]