Waste Management

Long-term waste management projects benefit from our cost-effective environmental solutions.

The Waste Management industry is a unique component to America’s economy. Without cost-effective disposal options, our system would grind to a halt. To maintain these options and work towards waste minimization in the future, Modern has helped our clients evaluate and address concerns related to landfill operations. This commonly includes groundwater, soilgas, air, and waste classification efforts customized to both the facility and regulatory concerns.

Featured Waste Management Services

  • Phase I ESA

    The Phase I ESA standard represents the most common tool for environmental due diligence. However, no two sites are the same. While many firms offer this service, Modern Geosciences has a highly trained staff that is often called on for the most complex and challenging properties […]

  • Perimeter Monitoring

    If you work in an industry where you may contribute to air quality concerns, you need to understand not only your contribution but also the context of perimeter levels coming and going from your site. This can be accomplished with perimeter monitoring services. […]

  • Media-Specific Risk Calculation

    As with any data, context matters. We can help you determine where your actual risk and project costs are as well as what regulatory strategies will best work for the specific concerns at your site. […]

  • Landfill Evaluations

    We understand that routine maintenance and monitoring is a constant concern for landfill operators. Routine landfill evaluations can help operators mitigate their environmental risks. […]

  • Institutional and Engineering Controls

    Modern Geosciences can help evaluate which institutional and engineering controls may be right for you project to prevent and minimize on-site environmental risks. […]